Frequently asked

What are the Etsy Design Awards?

The Etsy Design Awards (aka The Etsies) are Etsy’s first-ever global award program. Honoring the work of sellers from around the world and across multiple categories, the Awards will highlight the highest quality items found on Etsy and celebrate the talented people behind the winning products. With the help of our panel of celebrity judges—comprised of internationally recognized trend experts, tastemakers and entrepreneurs—one Etsy seller will be crowned the Etsy Design Award Grand Prize Winner, while five others will be named Etsy Design Award Winners in each featured category.

Which category should I enter?

The Etsy Design Awards has five categories to choose from: Inventive Decor, Signature Style, Festive Celebrations, Earth-Friendly, and Creative Collaborations. Please see our category breakdown to help determine which category best fits your product. Pick the category that will best allow your creativity to shine!

Can I enter more than once?

You may enter once per shop that you own: and for each shop you may only enter one product in one category. We recommend choosing the item that you feel best represents your talents.

Do I need to have an Etsy shop to enter the competition?

Yes, an Etsy Seller account is required to enter the competition.

How do I enter the competition?

To enter the Etsy Design Awards, simply follow the steps outlined here.

Can I edit my entry?

No, you will need to complete your entry at the time you start it. You will have a chance to review your entry before final submission.

What are the submission dates?

Submissions will be open from May 14, 2019, 12:01 am ET until June 4, 2019, 11:59 pm ET. Finalists will be notified no later than August 1, 2019 and winners will be announced in September 2019.

What if I miss the deadline for submissions?

To be fair to all applicants, and in accordance with the Official Rules, we are unable to accept entries after the submission deadline.

What are the competition rules and prizing details?

The Etsy Design awards rules and prizing details can be found in the Official Rules.

What criteria must I meet in order to apply?

To qualify for entry, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your shop is not on vacation mode, and won’t be for the duration of the campaign.
  • Your shop has at least 5 listings.
  • Your submitted item has at least 5 photos.
  • You are the owner of the shop and are submitting yourself (please do not enter on another shop’s behalf).
  • You are only submitting one entry per shop.
  • Your shop and items comply with Etsy Guidelines and Etsy Seller Guidelines.
  • If your item is vintage or one-of-a-kind, we require that you put this item on hold from the time you enter until finalists are announced in August. If your vintage or one-of-a-kind item sells during this period, you submission becomes null and void.

Sellers from which countries are eligible to enter the Etsy Design Awards?

Sellers in the following countries may enter: United States, District of Columbia, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Why is my country not included?

While we’ve tried to be as inclusive of as many sellers globally as possible, due to legal restrictions, the Etsy Design Awards is not open to sellers in all countries.

How are the Etsy Design Awards winners determined?

Etsy will narrow down all the applicants to a maximum of 175 total finalists across the five categories. After the initial review, the Etsy Design Awards judging panel will be reviewing and selecting finalists according to the six criteria below to determine the five Category Winners and the Grand Prize Winner.

What are the criteria my product will be judged on?

Here is a breakdown of what will be considered:

  • Quality: Overall level of craftsmanship and skill
  • Creativity & innovation: Is your item unique or imaginative?
  • Utility & functionality: Is your item functional? Does it serve its purpose?
  • ‘Wow’ factor: Is your item stunning?
  • Personal story: Your maker or curator story
  • Top-notch branding: Does your shop feature clear, compelling descriptions, excellent customer service, and high-quality photography?

What's the best way to prepare my shop for the Etsy Design Awards?

We’re looking for eye-catching shops that offer a great customer experience. If you become a finalist, all eyes could be on your items. To prepare for a potential increase in traffic and to give your submission an edge, make sure your shop is in its best shape. That includes best practices like completing your shop policies, using all 13 tags in your submitted product’s listing, and capturing all its best angles with at least five photos. Read 7 Essential Types of Product Photos for ideas. Bonus tip: Consider going the extra mile for customers and standing out to judges by shipping globally and/or offering free shipping.

How will I find out if I am a finalist?

Etsy will notify all finalists directly using the email address provided with their entry no later than August 1, 2019. See the Official Rules for more information.

How will I find out if I am a winner?

Etsy will notify all winners directly using the email address provided with their entry no later than September 1, 2019. We will also notify the public of all the winners on no later than September 30, 2019. See the Official Rules for more information.

Can vintage sellers participate? What happens if my item sells during the Awards?

Vintage sellers are welcome to submit an outstanding vintage find in any of the categories that are relevant to the item, so long as it meets Etsy’s vintage policy. If you have multiple quantities of your item, we suggest that you continue to replenish any sold listings submitted until the winners are announced. If your item is one-of-a-kind, we require that you put this item on hold from the time you enter until finalists are announced in August. If your vintage or one-of-a-kind item sells during this period, your submission becomes null and void.

What kind of items will be considered under the Earth-Friendly category?

To qualify under this category, your item should meet one or more of the following sustainability guidelines:

  • Item uses sustainably produced materials which have a lower environmental impact than traditional materials (e.g. non-toxic; recycled or reclaimed; locally sourced; natural fibers or ingredients; sourced from sustainably managed renewable resources)
  • The item encourages a more sustainable habit or lifestyle (e.g. habit-shifting, eliminating disposable or single-use items)
  • The item was produced using processes that are more energy-efficient than traditional processes (e.g. powered by renewable energy; reusing or reclaiming unused materials from the production of the item)
  • Should disposal after use be required, the item can be easily recycled or composted.

How can I ensure that my one-of-a-kind item doesn’t sell out?

You can make your listing a “reserved listing” by putting the words “RESERVED for Etsy Design Awards” in the listing title. Here’s more information on how you can reserve a listing. If your item still sells, it won’t be qualified for the Etsy Design Awards unless you have another exact listing on hand of the one you submitted; this is because we’ll be asking our winners to send us their products so we can photograph them for features.

Need additional support? Please see our Help article.